Hello and welcome to the Official Website of the 2015 Science Formal: Land of the Olympians.

Sci’16 Formal will be Saturday, November 7th, 2015.

Questions? Check out the FAQ or email someone.


Have ideas that you would like to bring forward to share with the Committee? We want to hear from you! PLEASE send them to sciformal@engsoc.queensu.ca. We are happy to hear any and all of your ideas – and want everyone to feel involved with the planning and design process.


Got connections to someone who might be interested in sponsoring Sci Formal? Great, because we are looking for Sponsors, with an incentive for you!

$500 Sponsorship Referral: No volunteer hours OR a free ticket.

$1000 Sponsorship Referral: No volunteer hours AND a free ticket.

Please take advantage of this incentive, and help make Sci Formal even better, by emailing the Sponsorship Coordinator, Zander: sciformal.sponsorship@engsoc.queensu.ca

(Please do not solicit strangers!)