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There will be an information session late in the term on how ticket distribution will be working out. Stay tuned for more!

Science Formal – Class of 2015

Hello and welcome to the official website of the 2014 Science Formal! The site is your one-stop-shop for all things SciFormal related – information on pre-events, a place to check your hours, and everything you need to know about gaining sponsorship for the event, among other things.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the website, we would LOVE to hear them! Send an email to sciformal.communication@engsoc.queensu.ca – all suggestions will be taken into consideration and passed along to Ning Tan, your IT Manager.

In other news…. the theme unveiling was a wild success, thanks to you! The whole committee is extremely excited to have the Great Gatsby as a theme, and I know you will be too once you hear some of the ideas we have in store. We’re all really excited to get working on art, construction, and planning with you all in September.

Keep an eye out for updates to this site and important news!