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Convener (General, Safety):
Brent Fallis –

Communications Chair (Questions, Hours Reductions, Website/Social Media):
Samantha Dutcyvich –

Logistics Chair (Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Pre-Events):
Jessica Rodin –

Art Chair (Art and Design, Room Designers):
Elisabeth Rudyk –

Construction Chair (Construction, Warehouse, Structures, Safety):
Sam Grant –

Finance Chair (Budget, Sponsorship):
Nichola Trinh –

Fundraising Manager (Fundraising Events, Student Donations):
Elizabeth Mcdonald –

Sponsorship Manager (Sponsorship):
Ben Grady –

Marketing Manager (Social Media, Hours Logger):
Taylor Sweet –

IT Manager (Website, Hours Program):
Dylan Chiu –

HR Manager (Drivers, Hours Loggers):
Zamir Habib –