How do I Sci Formal?

  • Read the infographic and/or check out the rest of this FAQ!

What is Science Formal?

  • The longest Queen’s Engineering Tradition – The 114th Science Formal is occurring in November of 2016.

How do I attend?

  • All attendees are Sci ’17 students and guests. To attend each individual must complete 40 volunteer hours, or 15 hours for other Queen’s students attending as guests (exemptions permitted), Each individual must buy a ticket in two pay periods – in September and in Final Week.

What are the Volunteer Hour Requirements?

  • Each Sci ’17 student who attends must complete 30 hours of volunteer work over the course of September to October
  • Each Sci ’17 student who attends must complete 10 hours of volunteer work over the course of Final Week
  • Each Queen’s student who is attending as a guest must complete 15 hours of volunteer work – 10 during September to October, 5 during Final Week.
  • Each guest who is not a Queen’s student does not have to complete any hours
  • Reductions are permitted to individuals with valid reasons. See the Reductions page for details.

How do I complete my Volunteer Hours?

  • During September to October, volunteer hours are completed at the warehouse. A shuttle service is provided to transport volunteers to and from the warehouse on a set schedule
  • During time at the warehouse, Art and Construction Managers will be there to direct volunteers to complete tasks based on our timeline

Do I qualify for an Hours Reduction?

  • Are you a varsity athlete? Are you on a design team? Do you have weekly or regular commitments? Do you have legitimate reason for not being able to attend volunteer hour times? Then maybe!

How do I get a Guest Ticket?

  • After preliminary ticket sales, all remaining tickets will be used in the raffle for guest tickets
  • To add an individual to the guest ticket list, a Sci ’17 attendee must attach a guest to their profile during preliminary ticket sales
  • Guests can be added to the wait list after the initial raffle, and as tickets become available guests will receive tickets
  • Guests are not required to pay for a ticket or complete volunteer hours until they have a confirmed ticket

How do I conduct a Ticket Transfer?

  • To conduct a Ticket Transfer, the ticket must be transferred through the Committee
  • The returned ticket will go to the next recipient on the wait list