What are hours and final week hours?

Hours can be put into one of two categories: Total Hours, and Final Week Hours.

Final Week Hours are hours completed during the final week of set-up/construction prior to Sci Formal, while Total Hours are just that – the minimum number of volunteer hours that must be completed throughout the entire prep time.

Students planning on attending Science Formal CXIV were asked to complete 5 of their Total Hours during takeover and takedown of last year’s Science Formal. See Requirements for more information on how this affects Final Hours requirements.

Requirements? Reductions?

The “Requirements” page details the specific hours requirements for each student planning on attending Science Formal, including guests.

The “Reductions” page details what an hours reduction request is and how to go about making one. Hours Reduction applications are released in the fall.

Transferring hours?

Hours can be transferred from one student to another, including to guests, at a rate of half. For example, if you do ten extra hours you can transfer those to a friend who will then be credited with five hours.

Do I have to pay for incomplete hours?

Yes. The cost of incomplete hours is $10/normal hour, $15/Final Week hour.