A description of Total Hours and Final Week Hours can be found here.

Regular tickets:

  • Engineers in the Class of 2017 must complete a total minimum of 40 Total Hours.
  • At least 10 of these hours MUST be Final Week Hours (however, more than 10 hours can be completed during Final Week; these will count towards your Total Hours).
  • All Sci ’17s were asked to complete 5 hours during takeover/takedown for Sci ’16’s Formal.
    • If you completed less than 5 hours, the remainder are added as final week hours.
    • If you completed more than 5 hours, those count towards regular hours.
  • Ex. You did 3 takedown hours last year. You now have 12 final + 25 regular hours remaining (37 total)
  • Ex. You did 8 takedown hours last year. You now have 10 final + 22 regular hours remaining (32 total)

Fifth Year Students:

  • Fifth year students who did not choose to attend their own Sci Formal can purchase a Sci ’17 ticket and must complete 40 total hours with 10 final week hours.
  • If you are a fifth year student who did attend your own Sci Formal you can only attend our Sci Formal as a guest.


  • Guests who attend Queen’s (students not in Sci ’17) must complete 15 Total Hours, including 5 Final Week Hours.
  • Dates who do not attend Queen’s are not required to complete any hours.

Internship Students:

All Sci ’17s completing an internship next year are still eligible to attend Sci Formal, only if their internship is organized through QUIP.

Interns do still have to complete hours, but do not have to complete final week hours. Interns can complete hours at any time in the fall before Science Formal.

  • Students located in Kingston must complete 30 total hours
  • Students located within 300 km of Kingston (GTA, Montreal, Ottawa, etc.) must complete 15 total hours
    These 15 hours can be completed at any time (no final week requirements)
  • Students located more than 300 km away from Kingston do not have to complete hours!

The Communications Chair will be sending out an email during the summer to the Sci ’17 class to create a list of all internship students who plan on attending Sci Formal.

Please get back to them as soon as possible when you get this email, so we can update your hours requirement in the system. If you do not receive this email by the end of August please contact

How do you complete hours?

  • by doing art and construction work at the warehouse (this will likely be the majority of your hours. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Bob the Builder or Pablo Picasso to do this stuff…)
  • by attending Science Formal pre-events (yes, you get a free 0.5 hours for every pre-event you attend!)
  • by bringing non-engineering friends to pre-events (again, another free 0.5 hours/friend for you)
  • by doing other volunteer work that may not directly fall under art/construction (SciFormal-committee-coordinated)