Sponsorship Info for Students

Student Sponsorship Opportunities Package

It’s been an amazing undergrad experience so far with you, Sci ’17! It’s all been leading up to the biggest event of our last year – Sci Formal. This year your peers on the Sci Formal Committee have been working diligently to not only make this year’s night as amazing as ever, but to have a comfortable, engaging, and seamless experience leading up to it. To do this we’re going to need your help. We’re asking you to aid in our sponsorship efforts by reaching out to companies you may have connections with. Below are the rewards for if you secure any of the listed sponsorship amounts from a company (up for negotiation in some cases):

Package Amount ($) Perks
Gold $1500 All hours (including final week hours) completed and ticket paid for
Silver $1000 All regular hours (not including final week hours) completed and ticket paid for
Bronze $500 Ticket paid for

The companies who sponsor will receive opportunities to reach out to Queen’s Engineering students which may include:
Branding on various Sci Formal social media
Logo on banners displayed at the Open House and the night of the event

Companies willing to sponsor Sci Formal with an amount larger than listed qualifies for other benefits such as recruiting/brand information distributed via email and resume package of graduating Queen’s Engineering students (please contact us for details). We can’t wait to see what you can come up with Sci ’17! Let’s work to make this experience packed with awesome memories, and to support this 114-year-old tradition.

To get in touch please contact:

Ben Grady, Sponsorship Coordinator

Nichola Trinh, Finance Chair

Brent Fallis, Sci Formal Convenor