Guest Tickets

Due to capacity limits on our venue, a limited number of guest tickets are available, decided by lottery.

You may put a guest on the guest list at the time of making your ticket deposit. Please know their Net ID (if they are a Queen’s student) and email. No deposit is required for guests. No two people can put the same person down for a guest ticket.

The first round of guest ticket sales will close on a to be determined date in September. At this point, a raffle will be held to give out the guest tickets (based on the capacity remaining once all Sci ‘17’s have had the chance to purchase a ticket). Any guests not given a ticket during this period will be placed on a waitlist.

On a to be determined date in September, individuals will be notified they have received a guest ticket, or where they are on the waitlist, via email.

If you have received a ticket, you have until a to be determined date in October to pay for the guest ticket IN FULL. There will be designated times to pay for tickets released during that week. Cash, cheque (to Queen’s Science Formal), debit and credit are acceptable payment methods. If not, the guest ticket becomes available again and is given to the first name on the waitlist.

Guests who attend Queen’s are required to complete hours (but not while on the waiting list).